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How Web Hosting Can Affect SEO?

How Web Hosting Can Affect SEO?

A  Walkthrough on Different aspects of Web Hosting & How it affects SEO!

So just after the dotcom boom, The online marketplace is evergrowing & companies want to see themselves on the 1st page of google.

As people say “The best way to hide a website is on the 2nd page of Google”.

Let’s dive deep into different aspects of web hosting & its effect on SEO.

1. Server Uptime & Downtime-

Our first & most crucial point for any web hosting service is a 99.9% uptime guarantee whether they are Seo friendly or not.

Uptime is the percentage of time your website is online & accessible to visitors, The most recommended is to have 99.9% or more than that i.e your website downtime is only 1.44mins per day which is really good.

The uptime & downtime of your website servers depends on the resources used for its servers.

You like it or not there will be some downtime for some intermittent periods where your site won’t be available for visitors & search spiders so we can only hope for the lowest downtime possible.

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Get a Variety of Options-

Some websites go beyond hosting and offers a variety of optional value addition that can upgrade your site.

  1. Check if they are giving automatic backups if ever something goes wrong you can easily restore your website without worrying about losing anything.
  2. Make your site secure by installing & using SSL certificates i.e. Https which has been a high ranking factor in the world of SEO.
  3. Choose hosting where your Information security is the topmost priority with their firewalls such as Hostinger & others for preventing hackers to misuse your information.
  4. Some hosting providers like Green Geeks are EPA certified which means their web hosting is eco-friendly & when you choose such hosting apart from great features you also feel a sense of contribution towards a better world.

Reviews & Reviews & Good Reviews Takes it all

When you want your website to be up online & running for your visitors most of the time you need to choose a web hosting provider which has good reviews on all aspects who fits on a scale of between 8–10 on different aspects like security, up & downtime, additional services, site speed, disc space &, etc.

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Finding a website with good reviews is not so hard these days. A quick Google search for keywords like best web hosting services, top 5 web hosting &, etc can give you tons of answers & you can select your best web hosting as per your requirement.


So it’s a big “YES” that choosing the correct web hosting plan can make or break your website & its ranking on search engines.

A good host is like a best friend who is reliable, works for you in the background, and does all the hard work without you ever having to think about it.

I hope I added some value to my readers today!

In our next blog, we will dive more deeply into this topic.

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