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Evangelism Marketing is basically an advanced form of “word-of-mouth marketing”. Which became a business buzzword during the era of the Internet boom in the 1990s.

The word evangelism comes from the Koine Greek word “εὐαγγέλιον” (evangel+ism) was coined in the 1620s, which means “the preaching of the gospel,” “spreading or bringing of the good news”.

The Marketing aspect related to evangelism is like when a customer starts promoting a product or service that he loves the most very aggressively & religiously every day in the market.

As consumers are always driven by their beliefs for a product or service, which they preach to convert others & unknowingly sometimes they become brand evangelists.

Evangelism marketing depends on how good a relationship you have built with your customers through your products or services. As its the satisfied customers who will convey your marketing messages to other potential customers.

It’s a very old form of marketing where people use to share knowledge if they have used some good products from any brand which created value in their life. People still do that today as technology has changed there is a slight difference in how people use to share good things with others in old days & now.

What Factors Affect brand Loyalty?

1. Trust- When customers trust your brand, they will surely go that extra mile to promote your products or services. They make sure they bring their friends & families to use your products and have a good time as you had once.

2. Value- Every customer is always eager to know what’s in it for them, what’s the benefit they will be getting by using the product you are recommending, and when you convincing them by sharing the benefits its show how much you love that brand or the amount of value it has created in your life that you want others to use it also.

3. Satisfaction- A satisfied customer will organically bring 10 or 1000 new customers because people will never forget a good experience a brand creates through their products or services.

Evangelism Marketing Why it is so Important?

Your hyperactive customers are your brand evangelist they love your products so much that they will do your marketing for you and close those deals to help grow your user base community absolutely free and if you ask me why they do it like that?

I would say it gives a sense of happiness & satisfaction when they share the good news or things they have used from their favorite brand with their friends & family so that they have can have that same happiness.

So brands use digital marketing, advertising, email marketing, social media & other different strategies like year-end sales, influencer marketing to keep their customers engaged and keep building trust & bond until they become brand evangelists & start promoting their products in an unconditional manner as a token of gratitude for the value a brand has generated in their life.

Evangelism Marketing Examples

In House Evangelists- how can small business owners use these marketing techniques is by becoming an evangelist of their products by themselves.

They can make their employees carry the enthusiasm about their products to vendors & customers to get those deals closed & win over them.

As an example, I am a brand evangelist for the “ Digital Deepak Internship Programme” Or for any type of content & workshop Digital Deepak offers because I love the brand so much for the value & results I have got personally by using their services.

I would always recommend anyone who wants to learn Digital Marketing in deep & want to do digital freelancing should enroll in the Internship Programme as they will take you on a journey of Marketing from very basics to advance marketing automation with you being doing natural sales at the end of Internship Programme.

  1. Guy Kawasaki current chief evangelist of Canva & ex-chief evangelist of apple he joined apple to promote the Macintosh computer line in 1984.
  2. 2. David Beckham, who boosted H&M’s popularity during super bowl 2012 like triple-digit sales in the Beckham product line.
  3. 3. Ellen DeGeneres, who loves CoverGirl products.

All the above are examples of Celebrity Endorsement but a brand evangelist is totally different they are your regular customers who fit your ideal customer avatar and purchase your product.

Brand evangelists will not only buy your products or services & enjoy them but also spread the good news & tell others also to buy & keep the chain moving and bring more leads to your brand.

Brand Evangelism can be anything like people sharing your tips on digital freelancing, the rising tide of your Twitter followers, 1million shares of your meme Instagram reel, or Thousands of people registering for the Digital Deepak Internship Program organically through evangelism marketing, 10 million views of your Youtube video basically knowingly or unknowingly people share what they love to others and they brand evangelist.


Evangelism marketing is an amazing strategy when we look from a cost-effective perspective & good conversion rates for a growing user database.

With so much being spoken about brand evangelists there is this important question on how does a business or personal brand get a brand evangelist?

Brand evangelists are made or created by making the best possible product that you can make for your customers, serving your customer queries, fulfilling their needs & resolving their issues as best as you can, and producing valuable social & web content possible.

It’s the result of having a good relationship between your customers & your product.

The important point to note here is the ability of a brand to serve their customers either through their premium products or the value and amount of satisfaction a brand can deliver to the customer. When more customers are satisfied more brand evangelists are created.

I hope you enjoyed reading the above interesting yet informative article, stay tuned for more updates.

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